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TM Bishop
Well, hello. And may I say you are looking divine. Have you done something new with your hair? Lovely. Well, back to me. It's why we're both here after all, isn't it? Otherwise it'd be your name in the URL. And it's not. It's mine. Take another look if you don't believe me. That makes it my website. Which means I am the boss of you while you are here. I can make you do anything I want. Like sing, and dance, and play soccer. (Don't worry, I won't make you play soccer. Soccer is for girls.)

So welcome to my website. It is a thrill to have you here. Especially you with the hair. You will learn things about me. Things such as I like to photoshop myself into pictures with Misha Collins (a lot of spare time on my hands) and I spend my time in the shower telling imaginary Simon Baker I'm too good for him (huge imaginary ego). So sit back and relax. Can I get you a wine? Sorry I'm all out. Have a tequila instead. And read on.

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TM Bishop is a stand up comedian based in New Zealand, Australia and New York. She has appeared as a regular featured comedian on the New Zealand TV series Pulp Comedy, the U.S. series Yukking It Up and Bug Off and the Australian late night talk show The Late Nite Show with Scott Black. Winner of the New Zealand Comedy Guild Awards Best Industry Friend, President's Medal and Gag Of The Year 2013 and nominated Best Female Comedian in 2006, 2012 and 2013, TM has toured New Zealand, Australia and the U.S, playing comedy clubs such as the Sydney Comedy Store, the L.A. Comedy Store. and the Broadway Comedy Club and Laughing Devil Comedy Club in New York.

As a strong supporter of charities in New Zealand and Australia, TM gives freely of her time and skills to many charities, both large and small. Some of the charities TM has worked with include Greenpeace, the Gynaecological Cancer Foundation,the SPCA and Performers4Poverty.

Express magazine states "by the end of the evening had us all in hysterics" whilst the Comedy Review declares "For laughter to the point of incontinence, you must see TM Bishop".

TM Bishop is a vibrant and dynamic stand up comedian known for her playful cheek and trademark smile. Her mischievous approach to everyday life comes through strongly in her comedy, allowing her to address everything from her family and growing up in a small town through to making fun of the darker side of life.

TM's charismatic and magnetic personality draws the audience in as she takes them on a journey that is hilarious and genuine. Her supreme confidence and professionalism on stage provides a performance that is fresh, quick, slick and smooth, giving the audience a show that is side-splittingly funny.

Equally at home in front of an audience of 4 or an audience of 2000, TM's down-to-earth playful comedy has delighted audiences all over the world.